Thursday, November 15, 2007

stream of lights

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A writing on the wall

Using public space to show discontent with how things are, some may consider painting walls an offense, for me, this is pure art.
This is expression born from anger, is visceral and spontaneous (or sometimes premeditated for a long time), however it came to be, this is the word put to action.
Painting the city has a reach that a book doesnt have, we dont need money to read walls, we dont need so much time, a quick look and its printed in our heads.
After all, it is public space isnt it? ... take a look around, see people walking like zombies, dont gaze, dont stare, dont see.
These pictures are from different places and what interests me is those that symbolize something, its nice to have a good painting, but its nicer to have one that makes some sense, that makes the reader think, i want to see more, i want to read and smirk, take the paint and make some noise!

Berlin, 2007.
Memories from the past? or worse.... Nostalgia from that past? this painting was in a low class neiborhood in Berlin that is full of stencils and grafittis.

Lisboa 2007. The wonderful Takeshi Kitano (next the word "coolture") and the painting reads "applause". Yes Kitano is one of my favourite directors i had to take this picture! the modification of culture , the gesture of him blowing his head off and the cheering for it make a full sense of how culture is mixed with violence and that is "cool".
Lisbon 2007. This had to be an argie, the "now what the fuck do i do" in perfect argento was like a shock of culture, a land line home 13000 km away. And now what the fuck do we do?

Berlin wall, 2007. No needs for words for this one.
Buenos Aires, 2007. A personal favorite. The now "governor" of the city, a rich reactionary guy who thinks that we are stupid enough (evidently many are since he was elected with this...) to think that security problems are solved through police force. How sad, what have we become :(

Buenos Aires, 2006. Another favorite. A stencil inspired in U2 's "war" album, originally from 1980 is still very actual, a plead for peace is the same plead everywhere.
No Al Canon en Argentina
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